JSF Portal

JSF Portal  is a modern, extendable, standards compliant portal server written entirely in Java, and available under the Commercial and Apache Software License

Modern means that WebIntelligence Portal aims modernize the Portal and Content Management territory, as well as it favors standards compliance.

Extendable means that the modern architecture of the solution provides many extension points. Write your own modules to manage specific content or to add special functionality, etc. by implementing certain interfaces and plugging them in using JSF or simillar Java web technologies.

Standard compliant means that WebIntelligence Portal adheres to many RFCs relevant to modern Java web and enterprise technologies, content management technologies (content repositories), authentication and autorization standards (LDAPs).

Entirely written in Java means that the software compiles and runs on a huge number of hardware and software platforms. Native installers are available for Windows, MacOS and Solaris (both SPARC and intel platform), but in fact the set of possible targets is by far more extensive.

Architectural overview

WebIntelligence Portal is portable and system neutral solution built on top Java Enterprise Edition technology stack. Software was designed in accordance with the MVC paradigm, where View and Controller layers are built as Java Server Faces web application. 

Java Server Faces was choosen as a leading technology in our software cause it is a standardized technology which was formalized in a specification through the Java Community Process (JSR 127). What more, it is part of the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition and should be considered as reference solution for Java web applications.

Bussiness model layer of WebIntelligence portal provides well designed services dedicated for data and content access, integration and communication, security and many many more.

You can find below schematic architecture overview of WebIntelligence Portal:
Modules and plugins layer consist of platform of Portal presentation services and built in set of components, pages, modules and portlets:
  • administration modules
    • page designer - visual page builder
    • template designer - designer which can be used to prepare shared page templates
    • content designer - WYSIWYG and WYSIWYM content designer
    • css designer - module dedicated for CSS editing
    • image manager - dedicated for image management
    • file manager - resource file management
    • link manager - internal hyperlinks repository
  •  domain modules
    • e-commerce - fully functional e-commerce module with card payment integration
    • crm - crm module (client database, mailing support, invoicing)
    • blog - blog module
  • components - JSF components and composite components which can be used in custom pages
  • pages - set of predefined portal pages and templates 
Integration and communication layer consists of set of services and webservices dedicated to provide easy integration mechanisms of portal and external applications.

Security layer built on top of application server authentication services provides security mechanisms with authorization, authentication, groups, roles and so on.

Core services layer - core software element of WebIntelligence Portal

Content services layer provides data access and content access services with strong support for:
  • storage connectors component - provides connectors and data binding mechanism
  • FTS - full text search component provides (portal wide) indexing and searching funcionality
  • FCS - file content search mechanism provides ability to indexing and searching contets of PDF, DOC, ODT and simillar files stored in portal repository
  • document conversion - provides file format conversion funcionality usefull especially to convert many document file formats to PDFs for presentation purposes
  • media services - media labelling, format conversions, image web editing and dynamic resizing